Wax Removal

Ear wax (or cerumen) removal is done with a combination of irrigation (flushing with warm water) or the use of curettes to remove impacted wax. All tools used are disposable to ensure the procedure is done in a safe and sterile manner.

Custom-Made Hearing Protection

Many people like or need the option of a custom-made earplug. They’re used for sleeping, swimming, listening to music, Bluetooth calls, recreational noise, industrial noise, musician plugs and flying. We offer custom-made hearing protection to suit your needs.

Sound Sensitivity Consults

Some people cannot tolerate everyday sounds. They can cause annoyance, fear and even pain. Living with sound sensitivity can be a challenge. Our consults consist of a hearing assessment, measurement of loudness discomfort levels, questionnaires to better understand the impact of sound sensitivity and solutions to help manage it.

Tinnitus Consults

Tinnitus can be debilitating for some and can affect sleep, concentration and quality of life. Two-hour tinnitus consultations are offered and include a hearing assessment, tinnitus pitch and loudness matching, questionnaires to better understand the impact of tinnitus on your life, and education/management strategies to help reduce distress. Many resources are available and will be explained.

Hearing Aid Verification

As much as goals are important, so is the scientific verification. Using what is called Real Ear measures, we will be ensuring that soft, average and loud sounds are comfortable and audible across all frequencies of sound. This is done with small probe microphones placed in your ear canals to determine how much sound is reaching your eardrums.

Same Day Repairs

If your hearing aid is not working, don’t wait for an appointment. We have a drop-in program where we do our best to fix your hearing aid that day in-house. Call us for more information.