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We have many different hearing products available to help you with your listening needs.

The Bluetooth logo next to a blue telephone receiver

Amplified & Bluetooth Telephones

A variety of amplified and direct streamed phones are available for greater ease of listening for phone calls.

Sound coming out of a microphone

Partner Microphones

Partner microphones can be clipped to the person that you are listening to, allowing their voice to be heard at a greater distance and over other background noise.

Blue triangle warning sign with exclamation point

Alerting Solutions For The Home (Smoke, Doorbell, etc.)

Our alerting solutions use vibration, amplification, and/or strobe light technology to ensure your safety.

A blue television and remote control

Television Listening Solutions

Our selection of assistive listening devices help you watch TV comfortably.

A wrench lying next to a hearing aid

Hearing Aid Maintenance Products

We carry a number of products to help keep your hearing aids working optimally.

A digital alarm clock with sound blaring out

Amplified And/Or Vibrating Alarm Clocks

These alarm clocks are designed to accommodate hearing loss by allowing you to either increase the volume or opt for a vibration to help you wake up.

A soundwave between two blue earbuds

Instant Fit Hearing Protection

These products are designed to fit inside the ear to protect from loud noises. Musicians and hunters will benefit from our instant fit hearing protection products.

Radio waves coming out of a hearing aid

FM Systems

FM systems use radio waves to send signals to hearing aids and is best used in noisy environments where hearing can be difficult.