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Get your hearing aids repaired on the same day with our in-house repair service.

Hearing aids are sophisticated pieces of equipment. And while most work reliably year-round, they can occasionally fail or encounter problems. Breakdowns typically occur due to moisture in the electronics or wax blockages.

Most people have one set of hearing aids, and they rely on them. Sending them off for repair and being without them for a couple of weeks can be stressful.

That's where our same-day repair services can help. We use our expert knowledge and specialized in-office tools and equipment to get your hearing aid up and running again as soon as possible.

How Same-Day Hearing Aid Repairs Work

Getting same-day hearing aid repairs with us couldn't be easier. Call our office to explain what concerns you are having with your hearing aid. We will have you come to our office that day to determine if we can repair it on-site.

We have special equipment that draws wax and moisture out of hearing aids. We will listen to your hearing aids with a special stethoscope, clean your hearing aids, change all filters and domes, ensure batteries are working appropriately, and check that there are no blockages along the sound path.

Once we've determined what the problem may be, we will discuss this with you. In many cases, it is a simple fix, and you can take your hearing aid home on the same day. Suppose the problem is more extensive and can't be fixed in-house. In that case, we will send it to the hearing aid manufacturer for you and check whether the repairs will be covered under warranty or what costs may be involved. We will do this in a timely fashion as we know that it is difficult to be without your hearing aids.

Why Our Customers Love Same-Day Hearing Aid Repair Services

  • Being able to carry on using your hearing aid without any interruptions
  • Getting a quick diagnosis of the problem and how to fix it
  • Finding out if your hearing aid is under warranty
  • Getting advice on how to prevent similar issues from arising in the future

Common Hearing Aid Issues That Same-Day Repair Can Fix

Common problems we fix include:

  • Batteries not charging properly or failing to supply charge to the unit
  • Earwax buildup around the speaker and other components
  • Problems with the earmold
  • Sound intermittency
  • Corrosion, moisture, and dirt issues
  • Feedback between the speaker and microphone
  • Unwanted sounds (static)
  • Issues connecting to other devices, such as cell phones, televisions, or laptops

Get Same-Day Repairs from the Northern Hearing Health Centre

The Northern Hearing Health Centre is here to help you get back to hearing well again. Call us at 705-222-6442. Don't wait for your next appointment.