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Custom-Made Ear Plugs

Many people struggle to find ear plugs that fit them well. We make custom-made earplugs that will always be the right fit.

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Custom-Made Ear Plugs

Many people struggle to find ear plugs that fit them well. We make custom-made earplugs that will always be the right fit.

Ear protection for when you need it most.

The Northern Hearing Health Centre offers custom-made earplugs. These custom plugs are perfect for concerts, swimming, sleep, flying, and reducing occupational and recreational sound exposure.

What Are Custom-Made Plugs?

Standard hearing protection comes in fixed sizes. Manufacturers make earplugs in bulk designed to fit the average ear. And while some are better than others in terms of sound reduction and fit, poorly fit plugs do not provide the protection we intend. Noise-induced hearing loss is the one type of hearing loss that we can prevent, so we need to do what we can to protect our ears around loud sounds.

Custom-made hearing plugs are made from medical-grade soft silicone or acrylic. A good set of custom plugs lasts for years and fits your ear dimensions.

How Do Custom Plugs Work?

Custom earplugs are different. Because they conform to the shape of your ear canal, they are better tolerated for comfort. They are the best defence against dangerously loud sounds in the environment. Earplugs close gaps in your ear canal that sound waves could travel through.

Hearing protection is not intended to block out all noise completely. We still need to hear sounds in our environments for safety. The purpose of plugs is to reduce environmental noise to a safe level for extended periods.

Why Do People Get Custom Ear Plugs?

People get custom ear plugs for the following reasons:

  • Optimized sound reduction: Custom hearing protection offers optimized noise reduction for concerts, noisy equipment/tools, ATVs/motorcycles, hunting.
  • Swimming: Properly fit ear plugs can prevent water from travelling into the ear canal and causing irritation to and swimmer's ear.
  • Sleep: Custom ear plugs are more comfortable than disposable foam products, allowing people to keep them in all night and reduce the chance of them popping out while sleeping.
  • Flying: Custom ear plugs can reduce aircraft cabin noise through specialized filters that reduce pressure changes during your flight. Enjoy greater comfort take-offs and landings.

How Do Audiologists Make Custom Ear Plugs?

Making custom ear plugs involves placing a piece of foam (attached to a string) deep into your ear canal, guided by a light source. Once the foam is properly placed and sufficiently blocks the canal, a mix of silicone material is loaded into a syringe and used to fill the ear. After 5 minutes, the silicone is set and removed from the ear with the exact dimensions of the ear. These ear impressions are then sent via courier to a lab to be made.

Musicians like custom plugs because they can use interchangeable filters to reduce music volume without artificially distorting the sound. Custom plugs can be made in any colour you choose or a swirl of colours to make them unique and customized.

What Are the Benefits of Custom Ear Plugs?

Optimized Comfort
Custom earplugs provide superior comfort compared to generic products. Users acclimatize quickly and are no more aware of their earplugs than their watches or rings. Sensations of pressure should be minimal or not detectable at all.

Optimized Noise Reduction

Since the fit is customized, the ear is properly sealed, reducing damaging noise better than a poorly fit generic plug.

Optimized Fit

Generic earplugs don't fit everyone. Some ear canals are narrow, some have sharp bends, and some angle upwards. Generic earplugs require a wide and straight canal, so properly getting a foam plug in the ear is not always easily achieved. Custom plugs fit any size and shape of the ear canal. They can even be customized to attach to a set of existing earbuds (e.g., Apple Airpods, Samsung Galaxy Buds, Bose QuietComfort, etc.). Using custom plugs makes your existing earbuds fit even more securely and comfortably.

Optimized Quality

Disposable earplugs are typically meant for one-time use, and the material breaks down quickly. Custom earplugs have approximately a 5-year lifespan. Eventually, the material shrinks slightly, or the ear canal changes shape with weight changes. Still, the longer lifespan makes it worth the investment.


Generic earplugs can collect dirt, bacteria and grime from both the hands and surfaces. They quickly become unhygienic and can cause ear infections because of the foreign particles introduced to the ear canals.

By contrast, custom-made hearing protection is easy to clean with mild dish soap and water.

Get Custom-Made Hearing Protection

Contact our office to book your appointment for custom plugs and protect your ears for years to come.

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